Gaura Paurnima Thanks

Dear Devotees,

We would to thank all of you for participating in celebration of the Most
Auspicious Appearance day of Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

We hope you all enjoyed our short but spiritually charged program.

Especially we would like to extend our gratitude and congratulations to the
following devotees, who had worked very hard to please all of us and the

* Rupanuga Prabhu for supervising Panca Tattva display project.
Shantendriya Dasi, Vyasasan Das, Kuladri Das and Bhaktin Alysia for making
his vision a reality.

* Damodara Das, Ram Lila dasi and Sukhi for producing and staging a world
class drama.

*Kunjabiharini Dasi and team of seamstresses who made it on time, despite
all the obstacles. All those who volunteered their time to help with the
outfits. Thank you.

* All those who came to cook for the Lord and his devotees. Especially our
own queen of New Vrindaban, Radha dasi (Ria) who always brings life to the

* And all the “invisible” devotees. Who cooked, cleaned (before and
after),and doing so much everyday. We cannot thank you enough.

* Our New Vrindaban GBC Board and NV Board of Trustees for their endless
help and support.

And for the final note, we would like to invite those who would like to
participate in organizing a festival for Lord Ramacandra’s appearance Day,
Ram-Navami (March 25th Sunday) to contact Janaka Mahajana Das 843 1600 ext

On behalf of infamous NV management,
Janaka Mahajana Das

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