A Tour For Volunteers From the Wheeling Soup Kitchen

This Thursday, the 8th, from 5-630 pm, New Vrindaban will be happy to host a group of fifty students coming to us via a volunteer tour on behalf of the Wheeling Soup Kitchen. They will be treated to a series of Krsna conscious workshops from some of our most esteemed colleagues of devotional service. Here’s the schedule.

5pm: A tour of Srila Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold, hosted by Tapahpunja Prabhu

530 pm: An enlightening discourse on Meditation in the Age of Quarrel, hosted by Vyasasana Prabhu

545pm: A talk on Worshiping the Deity, hosted by Chaitanya Bhagavat Prabhu

6pm: The world of Cow Protection and a Non-Violent Diet, hosted by Bhaktin Alycia

615pm: The soothing spiritual sounds of Musican Bhajan, hosted by Chaitanya Prabhu

630 pm: Cookie Prasadam Distribution

Please feel free to make our guests feel at home. Also, we need a few people who are bonafide Cookie Acaryas to help in the process of whipping up some fine sweet treats for our visiting friends. See Tapahpunja Prabhu for more details.

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