Lunar eclipse for Gaura Purnima!

Total Lunar Eclipse

This is truly one of the heights of auspiciousness, reflecting the astronomical conditions present at the time that Lord Caitanya advented just over 500 years ago in Navadvipa. Who’s up for a slightly polar-bearish dip in the lake to really live one of the pastimes of our beautiful Golden Avatar?

“It’s not an event that has any scientific value, but it’s something everybody can enjoy,” said Robert Massey of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Something about this comment strikes me as the height of materialistic “scientific” ignorance. If only someone could politely hand Mr. Massey a nice copy of the Caitanya-Bhagavat…

The eclipse will occur around 6pm EST, but the weatherman calls for cloudy skies and snow showers. Let’s all pray for a nice break in the clouds so we can view and relish an event that brings us that much closer to the lotus feet of Gauranga.

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