New Guardrail On Road to New Vrindaban

The fall of 2004 saw flooding from excessive rainfall. The rain continued into the winter of 2005, and there were over 400 slips on the road system of Marshall County, where New Vrindaban is located. They have been fixing them over the last two years, but not all of them are done yet.

One major one is on the way in from Route 250 to New Vrindaban between Tejo’s (Agnidhama) and Sudhanu’s (the old sankirtan house). What they have done is fix several on the “back way” out. I assume this is because the road will be closed when they fix the big slip and that will be the route into New Vrindaban and if something had happened to one of the ones on the back way to make it worse, we would have been isolated. So they secured on ingress and egress before working on the main entry road.

One slip they fixed wasn’t a new one. It is the one that has been there as long as I can remember. The one where you turn down towards Bahulaban after coming along the ridge top from the Temple.


The turn where if you went straight you would go up a little rise on a gravel road towards Kamsahanta’s/Chaits/Pitambar’s/mechanic shop/big girl’s ashram/Khadiraban/LeMaster’s. How you would think of the place is dependent on when you lived/visited here.

I was always suprised that nobody “put one over the hill” at that slip as it is quite a dropoff from the road and could have been a serious accident. The runoff has carved quite a steep place there that isn’t viewable in the picture, you just see the sides of the run. A vehicle that went over there could have disappeared.

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