Palace Worship

by Janaka Mahajan das

Beginning Saturday February 24th 2007 the Palace daily worship of Srila
Prabhupada will be carried by

HG Tapa Punja Das- Morning Seva
HG Tripadvibhuti Das- Noon Seva
HG Hari das- Afternoon Seva

Janaka Mahajana and Vyasasan Das will be avalible to cover up in case of

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to Ishravi Dasi and Indrabhatta
Das who had committed themselves to that service and spend a winter with us
and Srila Prabhupada in New Vrindaban. We hope they will excuse our
shortcomings and come back to NV sometimes in the future. We wish them a
safe trip and happy trails.

For rest of us remaining here, there is a unique opportunity to serve Srila
Prabhupada in the Palace. For more information please contact 843 1600 ext

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