The swans today and in June


Last year the swans had laid 5 eggs, but they were all taken and eaten by some animals, likely racoons. This put both of the parent swans in such a distressed condition. For a weeks they would hang around their nest, moving things around and looking as if someone coud do something for them, so sad were they. So this year again, the mother swan laid 5 eggs, two of which were broken (likely by their own clumsiness), ayway 3 were hatched. One of the baby swans had quickly disappeared within the first week. In the pictures above, the left one was taken today. It is hard to see them seperately in this picture, but this only surviving baby is almost as big as its parent swans. The right picture was taken June, 22nd, when they were only a few weeks old, still with their fuzz and before any feathers had developed.

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