“SOLD-OUT ANIMAL” by Bhakta Chris

The leash isn’t long enough
     My neck snaps back as I dash ahead
Pretty girls, Ferrari zooms by, big big football game
Some friends whom are okay and only a little harmless
     I bark and snap and roll in the waste of my instincts
Guttural sounds, the shape of things to come

       Choking, drooling, can’t breathe for a minute
         Vice around my neck
         The vinegar is dripping on my tongue
This is mercy, this is mercy, over and over again

         Life after death a sold-out animal
       To escape this mutt’s body
                        I must give my free will
Used to be sold-out to what is beyond the backyard fence
           Now I’m sold-out to His razor-sharp fingernails

The leash will become Their embrace
           When I bark nothing but the Holy Name

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Reader Comments

Ed – once this drops off the front page into the archives, your reference to where your comment is will become too obscure, so I am copying the comment directly here:

“Bhakta Chris… nice poem… powerful and raw. I like it. It should be, however, “some friends ‘who’ are OK”. It is nominative case, not objective. Keep writing…”