Hi Madhava. I finally found! Ya know, this is the first time I have ever read one of the “Cross That Valley” articles. I guess it’s true, time heals all wounds.

I never could read these cause I was for sooooo long soooo disgruntled about having to leave up top to move to Bahulavan.

But its nice sort of to hear the appreciation of Kesi Ghat, even if from someone mostly intent on passing through. When we were at Vrindavana Farm, Kesighat was the best place to wash your hair. Something i am quite sure wouldn’t be an angle noticed by the brahmacaries. We’d go down and get a handful or two of the gray tilak behind the falls. Stick out head out and get wet then rub the mud around and stand in the falls to rinse.

Generally, we did laundry at the pond down behind the old pig barn/cabin where Kirtanananda used to live cause the trek down and back from the falls was too treacherous with an armload of wet saris. (the pond was gone by the time Lord Jagannatha and Hladini moved up there).

There was running water at the temple building of course, even a shower room. We would use that in the cold weather, or if our time or service necessities required it. But we always appreciated the chances we got to be as ‘natural’ in relation to Radha Vrndavananatha’s Nature all around us whenever we could.

But I’m sure Vidya has described these things to you before and in better detail. I think we two were the most happy there of all the devotees up there at the time.

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