Report on Yesterday’s CPT Meeting by Mother Carolyn

Dear Devotees,

We want to thank all of those who were in attendance for The Child Protection Team’s presentation this past Sunday, January 28th, in the Guest Prasadam Hall. We reviewed materials from the North American Child Protection Conference this past November that include:

What is the CPT

What Temples need to do

Different types of Abuse

How everyone can help

Educating our children

How to Utilize the CPT

How to Report to Authorities

Review of The NV CPT Policies

Every Sunday, for the month of February, during the feast, one or more CPT members will make available all the information in our packet. We will have a table set up for anyone wanting the specifics explained to them or who are interested in what they can do to help. We encourage everyone to be informed.

Thanks Again,

New Vrindaban Child Protection Team

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Reader Comments

Is there a way to get in touch with the NVCPT online or through the mail?

I have emailed you a contact address.