More On The Arrival Of Govardhan Sila In NV

by Bala Tattva das

There is a lot more to the story of the arrival of Sri Govardhan Sila than recounted in the brief paragraphs of the original article. At one point, Sankirtana Das and Gopisa Das did a two man play(Sankirtana taking the part of Radhanath Maharaj, and Gopisa-and-pillow taking the part of Mahabuddhi) depicting the efforts and adventures Radhanath Swami and Mahabuddhi Das went through to bring Sri Govardhana to New Vrindavan.

I would suggest either or both Gopisa and Sankirtana be asked for more of the extraordinarily amusing and relishable details of their quest. The last but not least of which was on their arrival in the States the challenge and apprehension they faced at the Customs Counter and how Radhanath Maharaj dealt with it.

Also, for a considerable time, Sri Govardhana Sila remained at Kirtanananda’s home being cared for there before taking His place at the lotus feet of Sri Gopal Nathaji.

Anticipating Sri Govardhana’s arrival two of the women who served part-time in the jewelery department (run by Isani at the time) put their efforts together to construct a useable ornate bed for Govardhana to use on the altar overnight. During Govardhana’s stay at Kirtanananda’s home, it doubled as Govardhana’s throne as well. The last I knew, that bed is still being used in the current temple.

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