Radharani Club Newsletter by Sachimata d.d.

Dear Devotees, and Supporters of the Radharani Club,

We are happy to report the New Vrindaban Sewing Department is in full swing. The Membership Cabin has been transformed into the Sewing Department with a few simple changes. Vyasasana das has been working on the cabin, and is presently making cabinets and facility to store the materials, etc. This will be especially helpful when guests stay in the cabin during festivals. That was one of the conditions for us to get the cabin, is to be flexible during festivals, etc, because the temple needed the space for guests. He is doing wonderful service for Their Lordships and we appreciate it greatly.

We had a meeting on January 18th to help encourage each other, and keep everyone fired up about the beautiful Gaura Purnima outfit that we are presently working on. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the material we purchased is beautifully embroidered raw silk, and will make a stunning spring outfit for our Deities. Even those of you who can’t sew (like me) can sew beads on a piece of material. I just finished my first section today, and it is fun and exciting – and a good way to stay awake and alert in class. Ha-Ha! So, anyone who would like to help, there’s still more than a month to finish the outfit, and we need all the help we can get.

Here’s a photo of some of the ladies presently sewing with a piece of the beautiful material we are using:


The photo was kindly taken by our wonderful resident photographer, Jaya Murari prabhu.

We wish to thank the the Radharani Club for their support in helping to make this project a reality. Now, we won’t have to depend on the current finances of the temple all the time, which makes the project a little more flexible. We talked about the possibility of buying beautiful silk saris in India, as an alternative from ordering the material here in the States, and Radha Sundari may check out that possibility on her next trip to India.

We also have a Sewing Department wish list: Besides needing materials for outfits, beads, jewelry, backdrops, etc, we also need a good sewing machine, a CD player (so we can listen to bhajans or classes while sewing), and CD’s. If anyone would like to contribute either financially, or by donating any of these items directly, please let us know.

We also wish to thank the New Vrindavan Board for their encouragement and support of the Sewing Department. The ladies presently working on the project are: M. Kunjabiharini, M. Harinam,M. Dhara, M. Jamuna, M. Janaki, M. Vani, M. Prasanta, M. Srimati, Alicia, and M. Sachimata. Thank you one and all.

Don’t forget, it’s an on-going project. and even saris from India are far from cheap, so keep those donations coming in: The Radharani Club, c/o S. Prins, RR 1, Box 270B, Moundsville, WV 26041.

We would like to thank the contributors for the month of January:

Manonatha das, aka Michael Hoare, Nityananda Prins, Mother Dhara, Dulal Chandra das, Sachimata d.d.


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Thank you ladies for all your hard work……wonderful….keep it up!