Nityananda Trayodasi on Tuesday

Just a reminder that Tuesday, January 30th is Lord Nityananda’s Appearance Day. The schedule for the evening’s program is as follows:

5:30 Bhajans in Glorification of Lord Nityananda

6:15 Class

7:00 Abhiseka/Arati

8:00 Feast

sarac-candra-bhrantim sphurad-amala-kantim gaja-gatim
hari-premonmattam dhrta-parama-sattvam smita-mukham
sada ghurnan-netramkara-kalita-vetram kali-bhidam
bhaja nityanandambhajana-taru-kandam niravadhi

“I perpetually worship Sri Nityananda Prabhu, the root of the Krsna-bhakti tree, whose bright face mocks the full autumn moon, whose pure complexion glistens, whose gait is like that of a maddened elephant, who is always intoxicated in Krsna-prema, who embodies pure spiritual energy, whose face holds a gentle smile, whose eyes are always rolling due to His absorption in Krsna-prema, whose lotus hand holds a glowing staff, and who, by the performance of nama-sankirtana, pierces the influence of Kali-yuga.”

-Sri Nityanandastakam by Srila Vrndavana dasa Thakura

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