Dear oh Deer (another Resident of the Dhama 2007-01-17)


Early in this past November (pic on left), a full grown doe with an obviously completely unusable left front leg, started hanging around Radha-VrindbanChandra’s Temple area, taking compost, prasadam remnants, hearing the Holy Names, ect.  Just a couple of days ago, she was found lying in the ditch, beside the road near the devotee apartments but now with the other leg broken and deeply torn holes from bites in the back of her neck, possibly from dogs.  She was moved into the “Goat Shed” (the pic on right side) just next to the garden, across from the RVC Temple.  Her wounds are deep and the devotees were saying that it is likely she will not be in that body much longer.  She has been given Maha Prasadam and Maha Water, and one devotee mentioned about getting one of the Maha Garlands on her also.

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Maybe the deer needs to see a vet. Has anyone called.