KANTI (from the Aug. 1978 Issue of B.S.)

8 c. whole milk
1/3 c. pistachios
1/3 c. almonds
1/3 c. raisins
1/4 c. butter
2 c. flour
2 c. sugar cardainon—a pinch saffron—a couple strands rosewater—a few drops sufficient ghee for deep frying
Step 1: Make khoa by cooking down 8 cups of whole milk. Add a pinch of cardamon and a couple strands of saf­fron to the milk. To prevent the milk from boiling over use a ladle to cool it while cooking. Then when the milk reaches a creamy stage use a wooden spoon to scrape the sides and bottom of the pan constantly. Cook the milk down until it forms a lump and follows the spoon around the pan. Then take the khoa out of the pan and lay it out on the table. When the khoa is still warm add just over half the amount of sugar (in relation to the amount of khoa) and knead in thoroughly.
Step 2: Crush 1/3 cup pistachios and 1/3 cup almonds to a fine powder. Then mash 1/3 cup raisins to a paste. Knead these all into the khoa. Then add one drop of rosewater and knead it in.
Step 3: Make a dough, Cut 1/4 c. but­ter into 2 cups flour. Add enough warm water to make dough soft but roll-able
Step 4: Roll out 16 puris (small cir­cles) with the dough. In 8 of the puris place the khoa mixture in the center. Place the other eight puris on top. Twist the edges together so that it looks like a circle sangosa. Then cook it in ghee for about 30 minutes, starting with a low flame then slowly increasing the heat. Turn the kanti repeatedly so that they will cook evenly. They are done when they make a hollow sound when tapped with a spoon.
Step 5: Make a sugar water glaze with
2 cups of water to one cup of sugar.
Cook down to one strand and add a
drop of rosewater. Glaze the Kanti and
sprinkle brown coconut or crushed almonds on the top.

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