Christmas, New Years and Calves

Since a picture tells a thousand words, here are some of the highlights of life in NV over the last couple of weeks:

Firstly, a picture of our new bull calves with their proud mommas:


Contrary to rumour, their names are Kesava & Madhava, not Loka & Mukta!

Then we have our transcendental Christmas tree stocked chock-a-block with gifts:


Be sure to click below to see the rest!

The Christmas spirit prevails at our temple Christmas Eve gift exchange:

Balaram Chandra & crew doing all the hard work in the kitchen:

Radha Sundari’s Christmas cakes:

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, at the house of the Grand Old Man of himself! Ghosh performing his “magic” tricks at his New Year’s Eve party. . . what everyone is wondering is how he pulled it off. . . .

At RVC temple, New Year’s Day is just another excuse for lots of chanting and dancing:

Radha Vrindaban Chandra looking especially breathtaking:

Some kids passed out on the temple floor. . . were they up all night during the 24 hour kirtana?

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