New Year’s Kirtan Ki Jaya!

O Krsna, O friend of Arjuna, O chief among the descendants of Vrsni, You are the destroyer of those political parties that are disturbing elements on this earth. Your prowess never deteriorates. You are the proprietor of the transcendental abode, and Your most sacred glories, which are sung by Vrndavana’s cowherd men and women and their servants, bestow all auspiciousness just by being heard. O Lord, please protect Your devotees.

SB 12.11.25

Just like we have got our New Vrindaban. This year we have seen practically how these American boys and girls, hundreds and thousands, always who are remaining, not less than five to seven hundred… And for one week continually, in Janmastami, we observed Janmastami festival. Actually it was as good as this Vrndavana, because the chanting of the holy name was going on and hearing about Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam was going on. There was tulasi plants, devotees, sri-vigraha. Everything was there. So actually, it was replica of Sri Vrndavana.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.8 — Vrndavana, October 19, 1972

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