Let It Begin #2: Lights, Camera, Action

Already a good number of devotees have expressed great joy and interest in
finding out that I have a college degree/experience in filmmaking. After all,
this is one of the reasons I told my dear parents I would be better off being a
devotee i.e: more and better opportunities to use my educated skills, so that
$20,000 in student loans don’t go to waste….but in all seriousness, I feel
the road I have taken to devotional life has expertly paved (and occasionally
pot-holed) by Krsna, and because I spent so much time learning and earning the ability to make hopefully unique and thoughtful films, I have a strong desire
to be of service to Our Lordships by reaching to the masses via one of their
favorite mediums.

The idea has come up that one of my modes of service here could be making a
documentary film about life as it is now and was and will be in NV. But there
are two problems 1) despite having some very nice editing software, we do not
have a proper video camera and 2) how in the heck am I going to make a proper film that will capture the eccentric spirit of NV after only having been here a couple of months??

I throw this back out to you, my dear fellow devotees, with hopes of any solid
advice of both of those problems. Any solid leads to a camera would be of much blessing (and please don’t waste anytime praying for me to suddenly have a camera drop into my lap. I’m doing enough of that myself).

In any case, because of my inexperience here, some early ideas involve simply
making a series of small sketches of NV life, and perhaps compiling them
together into one package, one we could hopefully get together and sell at the
Festival of Inspiration and beyond.

Please respond with your own suggestions, and if you have more detailed advice, just come on up and talk to me, or e-mail me at cfici26@yahoo.com

your humble servant

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