NV BA TSKP – The Lords Dance Kirtan Tour – Day 4 – Baltimore/Philly

–by Chaitanya Das

Friday, Nov. 29 (Ekadasi) 4:02 pm- Another nectarean 4 hour Civic squeeze from Baltimore and we ooze out of the car in Philly, city of brotherly love. There is a kirtan program scheduled for us this evening at one of the top yoga studios. GKD happens to know the wonderful devotee who runs it. We settle in for a while then get down to business. The studio is spacious and too warm. We start kirtan and continue jamming for the next 3 hours. One thing about yoga people, they really love kirtan. They can sit and chant with incredible absorption. And loud. And enthusiastic. We should start bringing them to mangals.

We were blessed by the appearance of another sweet senior devotee, Visnu Gada Prabhu, who led some first class bhajans. At the end I noticed the guests were stating to get the extended-floor-sit squirm, so we had them dance. They loved it. With so much space they could really get down. It was a beautiful thing. They were under the full control of BCD’s mridanga. Some kind of grand finale (see photos: yoga studio kirtan, pre-dance poses, Chris Prabhu maxing after the show). Kirtan ends around 10 and we get to know individuals in the crowd for a few hours. I find out one of them is a federal prosecutor in Philly. Never would have guessed. He is far too humble and kind. Even wears a cow t-shirt. I tell him my father is a lawyer. We become good friends. Then Visnu Gada tells me about the history of Subash Candra Bose, whom Prabhupada cites. Amazing. We finally take rest about 1 or 2 am. Little did we know that tomorrow morning would be and experience unlike anything we could have imagined. . . .


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Dear Balaram Candra, Gauranga Kisore,
Bhakta Chris, and Chaitanya das,
Please accept my most humble obeisances. Jaya Sri Sri Gauranga Nitai. Jaya Srila Prabhupada. All glories to the sincere devotees of Lord Caitanya.
Your “The Lords Kirtan Dance Tour” is a source inspiration for fallen soul like myself. I look forward to reading about your nectarean pastimes between my classes. Keep up the good work and continue to post your adventures and progress. Hare Krishna.

Yours in service,
Bhakta Joseph (Swift)
Detroit / Ann Arbor, MI