*NV BA TSKP – The Lord’s Dance Kirtan Tour – Day 3 – DC/Baltimore*

–by Chaitanya Das

*Thursday, Nov. 28, 11:18 pm- *Arrive in Potomac temple. Have beautiful
darshan of Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan (and their nice new marble floor).
Spend some time reading and resting outside. Chris Prabhu and I help to unload all the hay bales for the cows. It is his first real farming experience (if it is possible to have a farm in Potomac, MD). He gets up close and personal with the cows and especially their all-auspicious dung. In an ongoing battle with his dhoti, he manages to get a nice cow dung skid mark across the front flap. Cowherd boy tattoo. We fill the barn with square bales and head over
to the temple.

GK is there with his new best friend, Giresh. They met over Thanksgiving weekend at NV in one of GK’s seminars. They have lunch together on the picnic benches outside. Spring in late November still persists, but will soon come to an end. Giresh has to go back to work but not before giving GK a donation: a bag of free corporate office paraphernalia from his mortgage company. All the pens, erasers, pencils, and keychains a brahmacari could ever want. (This is actually the second corporate gift donation received by GK today. This morning Manish
gave him a Price Waterhouse Coopers free employee back pack. It had all the
ups and extras. GK was in bliss). [For more text and pics, please click “Continue reading” below]

Just before we leave a huge semi shows up with 3 pallets full of BBT book boxes needing to be unloaded. We were definitely in the right place at the right time. As soon as we finish moving 3000 pounds of books, Sriman Anuttama Prabhu, the temple president and our NV GBC, emerges from one of the temple buildings. He is happy we moved the books. He wants us to stay longer. Romapada Swami is on the line for him so he has to go. We say thank you and haribol. On the way to the car a football beckons. Being four young boys, we had to answer its call. It is Pinkies vs. Whities. First TD takes it. Pinkies win on a short pass to GK and I pull a muscle. That’s karma for me.

*11:45am – 4:12pm – * We are reintroduced to the demoniac force that is
Beltway traffic and lack of logical road planning and nearly nonexistent
signage. We spend almost 4 hours in the car trying to find the Ifast
institute house, which is only 40 miles away. After too many wrong turns and
traffic jams we finally arrive. Lil Buggie and crew are playing ball in the
front. BC demonstrates his dunking skills. GKD doesn’t quite have the ups.

Inside this holy Tirtha we are blessed by darshan of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai,
Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra. Then we go upstairs for darshan of the
supremely sanctified room of His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami. What a gift.
His own deities of Prabhupada and Radha Syamasundara are there, along with
many of his other personal items. One could feel the wonderful energy of BT
Maharaj. Such a beautiful vaisnava. This world was lucky to have him. We did
a little kirtan then Vraja Lila Mataji prepared us some Prasad. We had hoped
to meet Madhavacarya Prabhu, but due to his busy schedule at the hospital, we
were not so fortunate. But Ekavira Prabhu gave us his darshan, so we were
satisfied. Goodbyes and on to Baltimore temple

*6:37 pm- * We arrive at Baltimore temple. Vinay Prabhu had arranged a
program. We unload the harmonium and start some bhajans. We meet the
only resident bramhacari, Adbhuta Krishna Prabhu. He is from Vrindaban. He is a really sweet devotee and so is his kirtan. They are lucky to have him. The temple is small, so it gradually fills up with people. At 7, gaura arati begins. We have the honor to be in the presence of the ‘most beautiful Gaura Nitai,’ according to Prabhupada. Since the temple is a smaller one, they are
not used to having ecstatic wild dancing kirtans. We brahmacaris, being as we are from NV, the wild dancing kirtan capital of north America, cannot resist the urge to dance like madmen. The kirtan nears crescendo. The jumping starts to intensify. BC’s drum picks up even more. The Indian congregation looks on in a state of transcendental bewilderment.

Then, right before our very eyes, it happens. It wasn’t just me who saw it,
so you can’t say I am crazy. At least 5 other people confirmed. The deities started
dancing. You may not believe me, but it’s true. Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra were rocking to the beat of their own holy names. What an experience it was! Unfortunately we didn’t capture this on film, but just wait till Philly.

After the kirtan GK gave Bhagavad Gita class which everyone really appreciated. Then we had prasad and headed to the illustrious abode of Vinay Prabhu nd his wonderful parents, presided over by Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Damodara, who are worshiped in grand style. We were regaled with tales of all the great sadhus and swamis who had previously stayed in this house.
A holy tirtha indeed. Then rest.

photos: Giresh and us at Potomac temple/ Potomac cows/GK and Vraja Lila
Mataji at Ifast house/Ifast kirtan/HH BTS’s Deities/BT Swami ki jaya!/the
dancing Baltimore Deities/Baltimore BG class/GKD in bliss

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