GHEE by Sucitra Devi Dasi

Ghee, or clarified butter, is a basic ingredient in Indian cooking. The taste of foods fried in this purest of oils is unsurpassable. Srila Prabhupada remarked on several occasions that if people got a taste for foods cooked in ghee, they would lose their taste for meat. Ghee is so satisfying. There­fore, with the interest of mother cow in mind, we present this simple recipe for making ghee:


1 cow
1 milking stool
1 bucket with warm water and rag

1 milk bucket
1 small pile of grain
1 butter churn or electric beater
1 pot and spoon

Place grains before cow. While she is dis­tracted, place milking stool by udder and sit. Wash teats. This will bring milk down. Milk until dry so she doesn’t get mastitis. Leave milk in bucket till cream rises to top. Skim. After several days, enough cream will be collected to churn into butter. Churn at room temperature (approx. 70 degrees). Squeeze out excess buttermilk. Place butter on lowest heat. When impurities rise to top, skim. Repeat till only clear golden ghee remains. Ghee lasts indefinitely. Impurities may be saved for frying vegetables, rice, bread dough, etc.

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