Winter Vacation

by Gauranga Kisore dasa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We (Balaramchandra Prabhu, Chaitanya Prabhu, Chris, and myself) just began our New Vrindaban Brahmcari Ashram winter “vacation.” We embarked on our 2nd annual East Coast Tour, with plans to visit friends in DC, Baltimore, Philly, NJ, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Pennsylvania. It’s not really much of vacation because we have a completely jam packed schedule (under a different tree every night) but it will be fun to see all the wonderful vaishnavas and do lots of kirtan along the way.

Unfortunately I got off to not such a good start by forgetting the passport, which I was supposed to be bringing to get stamped at the Indian embassy in D.C. Anyhow, hopefully I can get through to somebody in New Vrindaban (you know how easy it is to get somebody on the line at an ISKCON temple) and have them overnight it to me.

The first scheduled event on our tour was the grand finale of the 2006 fall semester West Virgina University college preaching program. The gathering was held at the Mountain Lair (the West Virgina University student union). The highlight of the program was Reza’s (our favorite Iranian devotee) parents. They are also wonderful vaishnavas. When we asked Reza’s dad what was his favorite part of the Gita was although he didn’t really speak much English, he managed to say, “You are not that Body.”

What a profound statement.

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