Hospice and Eldercare Residential Facility

For the last month Kevin has been having conversations with Kuladri and others about developing a new Hospice and subsequent Residential Eldercare Facility here at New Vrindaban. He is planning to open the discussion to the community at large in about a month.

Some thoughts on why this is needed:

Hare Krishna:

As there has been recent talks about reviving the Master Plan Project, I’d like to request an insert to that topic: the Master Retirement Plan. It seems that communities can be like our bodies, which take birth, flourish, expand, then dwindle, decay, etc. We are in the dwindle heading towards decay stage, it seems. Our kids move out of here as fast as possible, etc. We are populated with temporary immigrants, etc. A lot of us are heading for the Social Security years and we are not very exciting company for the younger folks! There is a lot of hard physical work required (like cutting & chopping wood, for example) just to keep the doors open but no one willing, capable, or even available to do it. With all this in mind, what is a realistic picture that we can draw for our future at this point in time? What type of bridge can we begin to build that will carry us over into future stability /existence? Will the “old folks” be able to remain at home? Ruci’s parents have Ruci & Sankirtan, for example. Who will Ruci and Sankirtan (or any of us) have? Recently, a god sister left her body outside of the association of devotees because there was no one able to assist her during departure at her “home base.”.

BTW, I don’t think that we are in such a unique situation, so far as alternative communities go, from what I have observed. Some make it, many don’t.
yr servant,

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Good idea I am for this.
Hari Bol