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submitted by Rama Lila dd

Exciting projects are happening behind the doors of the Sunday school classrooms. In the Madhava class (ages 7 and up) in which Gokula Taruni and I are the teachers, she came up with an ingenious method to teach them about the pastimes of the month of Kartik. The children split into groups and each group is creating a board game based on their choice of a pastime of the Lord that happens in Kartik. I don’t
want to give away the details because we plan in the end to present the games to the rest of the devotees to have them play the games!

The games progress through questions which the children have to research by reading and talking amongst themselves. So they are learning the pastimes of Krishna in a very engaging, entertaining way. The younger class led by Ruci is learning about the month of Kartik in a more simple way befitting their age group (3-6yrs). Ruci will read a story or play a song and the kids participate in hands on activities such as sponge painting or decorating a picture frame with stick on jewels. The Madhava class starts at 1pm in the classroom with a short kirtan then on to learn our verse for the session then on to the project corresponding to the session topic.

The Damodara class begins at 1:20 after artik. This session will run until the second week of Dec. and will resume again after the New Year.

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