Govardhana Puja Festival

Dear New Vrajavasis,

Thank you all very very much for your kind participation in the Govardhana Puja celebration. I hope you all had a transcendentally enjoyable experience. I would especially like to thank all those who worked so hard to set up the wonderful govardhana hill in the temple room, including Tattva Darshan prabhu, Jaya Prabhupada Prabhu, Santendriya mataji, and Jason prabhu. Special thanks also to the different heads of new vrindavans lord bramha, who created the superb mountain of bhoga for the pleasure of Sri Giriraj, especially Balaram Candra pr and Rukmavati mataji. Also thanks to the Sankirtan prabhu, Ram Lila mataji, Lord Indra, and the cast. Also to Gauranga Kisore and the pujaris who arranged the maha abisheka. And to Vaiko Prabhu and the clean up crew, and everyone else I forgot to mention.

I also want to apologize as for any mistakes or oversights. Some devotees have expressed that the communication could have been better. In the future we will try to have a schedule prepared at least 2 weeks in advance, and post it at least 2 days before the festival.

If you have any other feedback for me, either something you liked or didn’t like, or ideas for future festivals, please dont hesitate to let us know.

Chaitanya das

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