Friday morning I went to Madvan with the idea of cuttining wood for Davata Das. We got started ok but about 10:30, Bima the ox got an Idea “I think I’ll run and play in the woods today instead of pull logs.” With that Maya in mind off he went. He pulled the rope from Devada’s hands and began to run. Davata and I worked till noon then went back to the temple. We found Bima in the pasture at noon. Paramananda das told me latter that he saw a run-away ox run through his garden in the morning, with a harness and chains dragging behind him. He couldn’t figure it out.

After lunch Bhavashat came over from Vrindaban to help me. Bima began to act up again so we dicided to put his neck rope through his nose ring this time. But when Bhavashat reached for his nose ring he took off knocking Bhavashat over but I managed to grab his rope as he ran by me. Somehow or other I hung on flyining through the air behind Bima and the log. Very quickly I came to my feet howerining Whooo. By the hand of Krishna only, who I was thinking of at the moment as trees were flyining by, he stoped. Very much surprised by this I turned around to see how Bhavashat was. He was crawling off the ground half knocked out. All he said was, how did you do it? I said, Krishna is always helping his devoties. It’s a fact. No one else can help you at the time of death or any other time except Krishna, Radha Vrndavana Candra. We did manage to gather about one month worth of wood for Madvan which is looking very nice now with it’s new gardens and flowers. Hoping Their Lordships are enjoying the prasadam cooked on wood.


This week was quite exciting. We did everything but cut wood. Early in the week I finished puttining in the prasadam room floor then Wednesday at 8pm I started working on painting the prasadam room. We first scraped off all the green paint that was put on two days before by Sudanu das. They put water base on oil base without sanding it first. After working all night and the next day just to get off the old paint we started sanding and putting on the base coat.

Klaudry das told me Wednesday night that it had to be finished by Thursday night. So the paint would have time to dry so the wallpaper could be put up. From Wednesday evenining for the next 49 hours I worked in the prasadam room only comining out twice to eat. By Thursday night 11 pm it was done. So was I.

Your servant,

Romaharsan das

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articls by Romharsan Prabhu always had the disclaimer at the begining of his stories: Printed as Submitted

That requirement mentioned by Somadas prabhu may have been instigated by “Klaudry das”.