Govardhana Puja Schedule


Sri Govardhan Puja—Sunday Oct. 22

5:00 AM: Mangal Arati, Nrsimha Arati & Tulasi Puja
5:50 AM: Japa Meditation
7:30 AM: Darshan Arati, Guru Puja & Damodarastakam with offering of lamps
8:15 AM: Class: Pastimes under Govardhan Hill, by Vrindavan Prabhu
9:15 AM: Breakfast
10:30 AM: Seminar: Krsna-centered Community, by Caitanya Das
12:00 PM: Go-puja—worship of Mother Cow
12:30 PM: Giriraja Abhiseka—bathing ceremony of Govardhan Sila
1:00 PM: Offering of a Hill of Bhoga to Giriraja
1:15 PM: Worship of Govardhan with Arati, Kirtan and
Parikrama around the Hill
2:00 PM: Narration & Dance Presentation
– organized by Sankirtana Das & Rama Lila devi dasi
2:15 PM: Lunch Feast

hantāyam adrir abalā hari-dāsa varyo
yad rāma-kṛṣṇa-caraṇa-sparaśa-pramodaḥ
mānaḿ tanoti saha-go-gaṇayas tayor yat

“Of all the devotees, this Govardhana Hill is the best! O my friends, this hill supplies Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma, as well as Their calves, cows and cowherd friends, with all kinds of necessities — water for drinking, very soft grass, caves, fruits, flowers and vegetables. In his way the hill offers respect to the Lord. Being touched by the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma, Govardhana Hill appears very jubilant.” (Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam,10.21.18)

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