School Meeting

Dear Prabhus,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Today at 4 pm a meeting was held in the conference room under the lodge regarding the Gopal’s Garden school.

Members present:

Mother Ruci, Mother Harinam,Mother Carolyn,Mother Gokula,Mother Lalita Gopi,Shyamsundar Prabhu, Ranaka Prabhu, Shankaranand Prabhu and Govindapriya devi dasi.

Items discussed:

Parent commitment
The Non Profit status/501c
List of Parents interestedb in sending their children
Electing Corporate officers and the Board members
Child Protection team for the school will be taking courses from the ISKCON Childprotection Office. The team consists of Mother Carolyn and Govindapriya devi dasi.
Securing the Building for winter.
Dumpster cleanup

The next meeting is scheduled on monday 13th November in the conference room under the lodge at 4pm.
Tentative Agenda
Electing Board members
Specific Bldg Plan

We request any interested Parents and members of the community to share their valuable suggestions and try to be present for the meetings.

Thank you very much,

Your servants,
Mother Carolyn
and Govindapriya devi dasi.

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