Govardhana Puja Celebration Starts at Noon


This Sunday is Govardhana Puja!

The hill is up and being redecorated by Santendriya Mataji and Alysia in time for Sunday’s celebrations. Caitanya Prabhu has organized seminars for both Saturday and Sunday from morning to evening (schedule to follow).

On Sunday, the Govardhana Puja program will begin at noon. The schedule is as follows:

Go-puja 12:00

Maha Giriraja Abhiseka 12:30

Offering of Mountain of Bhoga to Giriraja 1:00

Govardhana Arati w/ Kirtan Around the Hill 1:15

Narration & Dance Presentation – organized by
Sankirtana Prabhu & Rama Lila devi 2:00
Feast 2:15

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