Bhakta Seva Memorial Service Friday Oct. 20th @ 2pm in Temple


As each of you must know by now, Bhakta Seva departed this mortal world within the past few days (the exact time and date are not certain). As is often the case, one’s glories become sung only after they are no longer with us. His earthly body was consecrated to fire Wednesday morning around eleven o’clock accompanied by a robust kirtan following a brief memorial where in the Prayers to Departed Vaishnaves were chanted, followed by kirtan, memories, a reading from Bhagavat Gita, prayers to Sri Narashima dev. He comes from an illustrious family of Vaishnave’s and pious souls. Both his mother Draupadi devi and father lived in NV at one time. His father passed, and a memorial was held at the Palace with part of his ashes being placed in the grounds there, others taken to India, and a third portion remaining for burial in a family plot near Cleveland. They wish to do the same for Bhakta Seva.

His is survived by Draupadi (who is confined to a Nursing Home in Cleveland), sister Fran and her kids, Bobby & Gita Pryia, brother Thakur (Tom) an attorney in Florida, Illavati, a sister living in the Krpaloo Ashram in Vrindaban since many years and another brother, Louie.

The above mentioned family members, with the exception of Draupadi, will travel to NV this coming Friday to collect his ashes and some personal effects. We will hold a small memorial with them at the above mentioned time and humbly invite as many community members as possible to attend, bringing your memories, large and small, of His Grace Bhakta Seva to share. If anyone has any photographs, please bring them as well. The noon offering will be made on his behalf and a simple feast served at the normal time.

On behalf of the family, “Thank you all for loving and caring for Bhakta Seva Prabhu.”


All glories to Bhakta Seva!

Malati devi dasi

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