First Frost Skips Through New Vrindaban


Some evidence of frost is to be found around the community. It was a light frost so depending on microclimate considerations of elevation, exposure, and protection, some tender plants got fried. The forecast of a frost sends residents of New Vrindaban off on last minute chores. for example, those with tomato plants either cover them, hoping for some Indian Summer, or at least pick those with a bit of color to continue ripening indoors, or even green ones for frying up.

Gopa was on the road, but being aware of the forecast was concerned about flowers for the Deities. Fortunately, she was able to call Pournima who came to the rescue by going around and picking bags full. She visited several householders’ gardens and, with permission, also picked those for the Deities.

The large Boston ferns that had been hanging in front of the temple all summer have been moved into the small greenhouse on the second floor.

The trees are changing color, and this is a wonderful time to be in New Vrindaban with all the fall foliage color.

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