New Vrindavan Webcam Just Now Coming

As you may have guessed, this effort to get the Brijabasi Spirit launched as a blog is still very much a fledgling effort. Potential content is not an issue — every day there is so much happening in the community and in the lives of the devotees. The first step was getting the mechanics of the site up and running, and that is mostly done now. We are still forming an editorial team to process content.

A reader asked if the festival tonight would be webcast. While the equipment and technology is available to do so, the manpower is lacking for tonight. Most devotees are involved helping handle the guests, and too busy to do it. The hope is that for future events we will get it together to do so. Or at least provide facility for someone to come in and do it. Open to suggestions.

One plan is to have a fresh current picture of the Deities every day. Jaya Murari is into it but he just got a new computer and is going through all the changes involved with that. Plus, he is to the point where typing is painful for him, so he is installing voice recognition software to help him do things on it.

A whole other area is memories of the old days. This would be open for any resident of New Vrindavan, current or alumni, or even guests. Let’s hope that blossoms out nicely. The older devotees won’t live forever, and much of the history of NV ilives only in their memories. We are hoping for a broad range of contributors.

Hare Krishna
Any input is welcome.

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