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Barn Ready, Rock Steady: Ananda Vidya and Lalita Gopi

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON New Vrindaban Communications As residents and aficionados of ISKCON history know well, New Vrindaban winters are not exactly forgiving. And with the austerity, guests decrease, some residents go traveling, and the hustle and bustle of the summer season quietens down. Still, the show must go on, and core crews continue […]

Pujari Sanga Inspires North American Priests

  Pujari Sanga Inspires North American Priests By: Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News Malati Devi shares stories of Srila Prabhupada and Deity worship Pujaris from all over North America gathered in New Vrindaban, West Virginia in January to gain inspiration, support and training from two events organized by the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry: the inaugural North American […]

New Vrindaban to Host 2017 ISKCON North America Farm Conference

New Vrindaban to Host 2017 ISKCON North America Farm Conference By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON New Vrindaban Communications Sunflowers grown in New Vrindaban gardens New Vrindaban is set to host the second annual ISKCON North America Farm Conference from October 13th to 15th this year. The GBC Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture, which organized conferences on […]

Introducing Dr. Vignesh Ramanathan

This is to introduce Dr. Vignesh Ramanathan who has very kindly agreed to visit New Vrindaban on a regular basis to take care of the residents’ health care needs. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and currently works at United Hospital Center, Bridgeport, WV where he has been on their Hospitalist staff since 2011. […]

Department Reports in New Vrindaban Show Continued Progress Towards Prabhupada’s Vision

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON New Vrindaban Communications Kicking off ECO-Vrindaban and ISKCON New Vrindaban’s end-of-year Joint Board Meetings, their Department Head Reports on Saturday November 12th were uplifting to members of the community who attended the open event. Showing steady progress towards Prabhupada’s vision, the reports also revealed that the past half a decade’s concerted […]

New Vrindaban Elects Its First Village Council

New Vrindaban Elects Its First Village Council By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON New Vrindaban Communications On Saturday November 12th, New Vrindaban’s first elected Village Council introduced itself to the community, inaugurating a new more democratic method of community governance. Advaitacarya Das and Mukunda Das, members of the Steering Committee that guided the Council’s formation, began by giving a […]

Steady Improvement Shown Throughout New Vrindaban Departments

By Madhava Smullen ISKCON New Vrindaban and Eco-Vrindaban’s latest Department Head reports, on March 14th, showed that devotees were continuing to cooperate together with encouraging progress towards crystallizing Srila Prabhupada’s vision. Co-GBC and MC for the day Anuttama Das introduced the event, explaining that since 2011, INV and ECO-V’s Boards of Directors and their managers […]

ISKCON Communications Training Course May 16-17 at New Vrindaban

All devotees, including leaders, are invited to attend the upcoming ISKCON Communications Training Course in New Vrindaban Sat. & Sun. May 16 & 17, 2015. Anuttama das will be the very entertaining and experienced facilitator. You will learn such valuable things as: mastering key skills including listening, speaking & understanding the needs of others  improving […]

College Students Visit New Vrindaban and More

It’s been a hectic six weeks for Sankirtana Das, New Vrindaban’s resident storyteller and college liaison. During this time, he hosted a half dozen student groups visiting the community. Sankirtana Das explained, “One of the student groups who visited New Vrindaban were from a Christian College here in West Virginia. I thought they would be […]

Nrsimhadeva’s Auspicious Appearance Festival in New Vrindaban-Sat. May 2, 2015

Everyone is invited to the special festival held in New Vrindaban on Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Appearance Day Sat. May 2, 2015.  Don’t miss the evening 7:00 PM Aroti, which will be followed by some exciting Nrsimhadeva nectar! New Vrindaban’s Lord Nrsimhadeva Deity is unique.  He was made in New Vrindaban and installed in July 1986, the […]